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15 carat yellow diamond on display

30 Apr / 12
15 carat yellow diamond on display
If you are going to be in the Toronto area in the next week you may want to stop in and visit quite an impressive collection of fancy yellow diamonds that will be on display for about five days. The Birks store will have what some believe is the largest collection of yellow diamonds collected together at once for an exhibit. There will be a combined 60 plus diamond jewellery pieces that will be on display, but what most people will be wanting to check out is a stunning and extremely rare 15 carat fancy yellow diamond that is graded internally flawless that has a radiant cut to the intense yellow diamond and is set in a platinum ring set with a trapezoid on both sides of the yellow diamond itself. Yellow diamonds are extremely rare and have always been viewed as one of the most sought after diamonds by all people of power. The luxury retailor is certainly pleased to have such precious gemstones to show off and display during the next couple of days. If you are looking for a stunning diamond ring for yourself you will want to check out the fine selection of fancy coloured diamonds that is offered from diamond rocks as you will certainly find a piece that is truly as unique and beautiful as this one fancy yellow diamond.
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