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30 Legendary NBA Teams to Be Featured on Diamond Jewellery

14 Jun / 11
30 Legendary NBA Teams to Be Featured on Diamond Jewellery
Gameplan Concepts, a California-based jewellery company destined to commemorate NBA legends in the form of diamond jewellery, has rolled out its latest pieces to pay a tribute to Los Angeles Lakers.

The new piece of jewellery to appear at Traditional Jewelers with stores in Newport Beach and Malibu, will be a diamond pendant, featuring the Los Angeles Lakers logo made of 18ct gold set with diamonds. Gameplan Concepts is set to produce the NBA diamond jewellery collections with diamond-encrusted neckpieces featuring a total of 30 different NBA logos, each representing an iconic basketball team.

Erik Halfacre, president of Traditional Jewelers, said the retailer was pleased to display the diamond pendants. ''There is true passion and attention to detail throughout. We welcome all fans and friends of the L.A. Lakers to visit our jewellery salons in Newport Beach and Malibu to view these exquisite fine jewels." Creative director for Gameplan Concepts, Monty Abramov, added, "The Halfacre family and team at Traditional Jewelers have a strong reputation for excellence and community support. We are very pleased to debut with this respected jeweller."
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