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50 Carat Diamond and Christmas Red Diamond up for Auction

29 Nov / 12
50 Carat Diamond and Christmas Red Diamond up for Auction
If you are getting in the festive mood this holiday season, then certainly you have been seeing red, which is the colour red, as it is one of the most distinctive colours that are associated with Christmas. Now if you are in the market for one of the rarest diamonds in the world then you will definitely be seeing red as Christie’s of New York is offering a stunning 50 carat D colour Graff Diamond that is red in colour and is expected to draw an amazing amount of attention with a price tag ranging in the $10 Million USD.

The auction is titled “Magnificent Jewels Sales,” which will be taking place on December 10. Getting back to the highlight of the auction is the pictured 3.15 carat fancy cut circular orange reddish diamond that is the largest coloured diamond of this colour to be graded by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and is also the largest diamond of this colour to be offered in an auction setting. The estimated going price for this diamond is someone in the $1 Million USD range. There are also other high quality diamonds that will be up for auction, so stay tuned for an update on what happens during this incredible diamond jewellery auction.
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