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Are you spoilt enough to afford the world’s most expensive iPad?

28 Jul / 10
Solid Platinum iPad Supreme Edition
While mere mortals were waiting in line to purchase iPad 3G, Liverpool-based luxury designer Stuart Hughes once again set his mind to dazzle the whole world by designing the world’s most expensive ultimate iPad. Along with his wife Katherine, the designer makes his living by adding gold, platinum and gemstones to the newest high-tech products to hit the market. This time his creation upstages its gold counterpart, designed by Katherine, in both looks and price. Christened the Solid Platinum iPad Supreme Edition, this platinum gadget with a price tag of £299,995 ($434,930) is the world’s most expensive iPad.

The world’s first solid platinum iPad features a total amount of 173 individually set IF diamonds (85.5 carats), encrusted on the masterly crafted solid platinum rear section which weighs in at a whopping 2,700 grams. Polished to perfection to bring out its most beautiful reflective appearance, this luxury iPad is a sumptuous marriage of top of the industry technology and peerless craftsmanship of the modern master.

As far as the technology is concerned, these luxury iPads come in Wi-Fi & 3G, 64GB edition. The Solid Platinum iPad Supreme Edition is restricted to only 5 units to be produced.

Indeed, when money is no object, the objects available are endless. Are you spoilt enough to be one of the lucky five to afford the world’s first platinum and diamond iPad?
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