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Beautiful Brooch Set on the Block

29 Mar / 17
Beautiful Brooch Set on the Block
Long ago, one of the most valued pieces in a woman's jewellery box was the brooch. The fortunate had many of these to be warn for special occasions or whenever the mood struck. Then, for many years, the popularity of brooches died out. They were considered the accessory of grandmothers, and seen as rather out of fashion. That was until recent months, when brooches were once again seen on the runway and red carpet. Now, with brooches at the centre of a growing trend, many auction houses are being hired to sell some rather spectacular examples.

A white gold double brooch will soon be featured at the auction house of Semley Auctioneers in Shaftesbury. On Saturday, April 15th, the two-piece set will be sold among many examples of fine jewellery at the Jewellery and Silver Specialty Sale. This double brooch, though, is being highlighted, in large part because of the quickly growing popularity of brooches. Also, because this is a spectacular set that would be highly sought after by jewellery lovers and collectors alike.

The diamonds set in the double brooch are round brilliant stones. There are dozens encompassed in the ribbon-like settings of the brooch set. The style has a very art deco like feel, which will only serve to increase the interest of those seeking something new for their fine jewellery collections. All combined, it is said that the diamonds weigh in at approximately 12 carats, or an estimated 6 carats per brooch pin. It is expected to sell for five thousand pounds, but some feel that it could exceed pre-sale estimates simply because of the trendy nature of the pieces.

If you want to add a gorgeous diamond brooch to your own collection, and get ahead of this growing trend, then look no further than Diamond Rocks!

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