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Damien Hirst’s Diamond & Platinum Baby Skull

13 Jan / 11
Damien Hirst’s Diamond & Platinum Baby Skull
British provocative artist, Damien Hirst, has come up with another controversial work of art – an authentic infant skull, covered in platinum and encrusted with pink and white diamonds.

Reportedly Britain's richest living artist, Damien Hirst has made his name and fortune, flabbergasted the public with his controversial art works, such as pickled sheep or dissected sharks. Death remains the central theme of his works and after creating his astounding $100 million diamond-studded adult human skull, the artist has turned to a child. Called ‘For Heaven’s Sake’, the artwork is a 19-th century skull of a newborn baby cast in platinum and embellished with more than 8,000 pavé-set pink and white diamonds from the Bentley & Skinner jewellers.

Speaking about his human skull artworks, Damien Hirst said that he was inspired by the use of skulls in ancient Aztec art. "What's the maximum I could do as a celebration against death? When you look at a skull, you think it represents the end, but when you see the end so beautiful, it gives you hope. ...Diamonds are about perfection and clarity and wealth and sex and death and immortality. They are a symbol of everything that's eternal, but then they have a dark side as well".

Valued at no less than £31.5 million ($50 million USD), the sparkling human baby skull will be showcased at the Gagosian gallery in Hong Kong this month and then in London later on.
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