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Diamond Crucifix Turns Heads at BaselWorld 2011

08 Apr / 11
Diamond Crucifix Turns Heads at BaselWorld 2011
Among numerous sparkling pieces of the finest jewellery & and top-notch luxury watches, Baselworld 2011 saw an unusual exhibit – a unique crucifix made of a large black solid diamond piece.

Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance. They can be cut and polished into a gem, but they can't get scratched or broken – the quality that makes a diamond the king among all other gemstones. No one in the history of mankind has ever attempted to carve a diamond into a precise shape by hand. Diamond cutting and polishing is done by means of special industry equipment. All the world's famous diamonds such as the Millennium Star Diamond, the ‘Koh-i-noor’, the Regent, etc., have been cut and polished and not hand carved. Which is what makes this hand-carved crucifix so unique.

The black diamond crucifix is a 25ct black diamond piece, carved out of a 175ct diamond extracted from the mines in Congo. The stunning masterpiece is a demonstration of the ultimate carving skills and craftsmanship of Mr. Mahendra U. Shah (1939 - 2009), one of the most talented master diamond carvers from India. It has taken the master artisan 10 years to etch this piece.

The crucifix has already been examined and estimated as a unique object by the Gemological Institute in America. After its exhibition at Baselworld, tt's going to be presented to the Pope.
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