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Diamond Sales Rose in 2012

02 Dec / 12
Diamond Sales Rose in 2012
Are you in love with diamonds and diamond jewellery? You are not alone. According to estimates by De Beers, sales of polished diamonds rose 4 percent globally this year. De Beers forcasted that sales of polished diamonds in China grew 11 percent in 2012. The group also estimated that sales in the United States increased by four percent during the year.

The company has recently announced that they were consolidating their corporate identity of the De Beers brand. De Beers is the world’s leading diamond company. The company originated in Kimberley, South Africa more than a century ago. In their search for diamond, De Beers traveled from the deserts of Africa to the arctic of Canada and the floor of the ocean. The company has connected generations of people with diamonds.

De Beers mine diamonds, partake in diamond hops, and trade diamonds. They are active in each part of diamond mining including open-pit mining, underground mining, large-scale alluvial mining, and deep sea and coastal mining. Mining of De Beers diamonds take place in South Africa,Namibia, Botswana, and Canada.
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