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Divers Discover Emerald Ring Worth Half a Million

28 Jun / 11
Divers Discover Emerald Ring Worth Half a Million
Searching the shipwreck site of a Spanish galleon, divers have discovered a piece of antique jewellery – a magnificent gold and emerald ring worth a whopping $500,000.

The ring is thought to have come from the ill-fated Nuestra Senora de Atocha, the Spanish warship that sank 35 miles off the coast of Florida during a hurricane in 1622. It features a large 10ct rectangular-cut emerald, which most likely came from the Muzo mines in Colombia. The crew of Mel Fisher’s Treasures vessel, which found the treasure, has estimated its value at $500,000. "Of course, an independent third-party expert will evaluate the ring when it is brought back here,” said Sharon Wiley, a spokeswoman for Mel Fisher’s Treasures.

The big discovery was made along with two silver spoons and two other silver-gilded artefacts within about 300 feet from where a gold bar and gold rosary were recovered in April. “This is the most significant artefact I have personally seen them bring out of the water,” said Vice president Sean Fisher, the grandson of the legendary Mel Fisher.

Back in 1985, ardent treasure hunter, Mel Fisher and his crew found the mother lode of the sunken ship. Made up of more than 100,000 silver coins, it accounted for over $450 million.
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