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Emma Watson’s Unusual Earrings

29 Mar / 17
Emma Watson’s Unusual Earrings
In an effort to stand up for a great cause, the Beauty and the Beast star, actress Emma Watson has opted to wear only eco-friendly materials while on a promotional tour for the film. As most are aware, these promotional tours can be long-lived (particularly when the film is expected to perform as well as this one) and can involve many red carpet events. Thus, Watson's decision to be green while on the tour was most certainly not lightly made. In one of her most recent appearances, the media took notice of the actress’s environmentally-friendly earrings. The ear wear does have unusual origins.

Emma Watson is, of course, much loved in this country, from which she hails. She was technically born in Paris, but her parents are both of English descent, and both were practicing attorneys at the time of her birth. They later separated, at which point Emma and her mother returned to Oxfordshire. The actress enjoyed success early in life, after being casted as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series. Many would have believed that the film series would be the most notable of her career. That was until she was cast as Belle for the new Beauty and the Beast film, which was already setting records in it first weekend in the United States. Now, her name garners such widespread respect that the actress can really make a big difference for charitable organizations and important causes simply by speaking or acting out for them.

The recent decision to wear only eco-friendly materials certainly does just that. The earrings that caused such a stir were worn by Watson at the filming of an episode of the popular American talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. They were, in fact, made of recycled materials, making them an appropriate choice for the Green Carpet challenge. What made them so shocking was the fact that they were cast with material recycled from bombs, collected as Vietnam War shrapnel.

Though this cause is a great one, you can be sure that this actress is missing her diamonds and fine metals. She has long been associated with understated, but gorgeous jewellery. Diamond tennis bracelets, drop earrings, and smaller cocktail rings have glittered on Emma Watson at plenty of red carpet events.

Do your part to help the environment and other great causes, but understand that you (and Emma Stone) don’t have to forego the gorgeous jewellery that you love.

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