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Is it Worth Buying Into the Raw Diamond Trend?

15 Feb / 17
Is it Worth Buying Into the Raw Diamond Trend?
Would you like a great deal on a large diamond? If you are following the current trend then you might want to consider an uncut, unpolished stone. You can be certain that a raw diamond will cost less than those found in the Diamond Rockís online catalogue. There is a reason for this. The cutting and polishing process takes a great deal of time, skill, and experience. Time is money, of course, so to buy the finished, polished shimmering stone will cost you more than the gem pulled straight from the mine. There are, however, a number of reasons why you may not want to buy the raw stone.

#1.Raw Diamonds are More Difficult to Appraise for the Amateur Eye If you were to look at a raw diamond, you may have difficultly determining what colour, clarity, and, of course, carat size that stone would have should it be cut and polished in the future. That means that you canít be entirely sure what youíre getting for your money, unless you pay for it to be professionally appraised.

#2. The Raw Diamond Trend isnít Likely to Last Though raw stones are attractive in their own right, there is a reason why you donít find vintage jewellery containing raw, uncut diamonds. This isnít a time-enduring trend. Raw stones are harder to set in jewellery, and are more likely to come loose from the settings that are created for them. Given all of this, the popularity of raw stones isnít likely to stick around for long, and that means that you will be left with an expensive, uncut, unpolished stone that you donít really want to wear.

#3. It is Going to Cost you More to Have it Cut, Polished, and Set Later What do you do with the raw stone after the trend passes? Well, the obvious solution would be to hire someone to cut, polish and set it for you. In the end, though, the cost of buying the raw stone, then paying to have it finished later, will be far more substantial than buying one of the diamonds in the Diamond Rockís catalog.

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