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Rachel Galley Creates New Lineup of Diamond Necklaces

05 May / 12
Rachel Galley Creates New Lineup of Diamond Necklaces
Transforming globes into diamonds has been something that Rachel Galley has been able to create with this new lineup of diamond necklaces. The Globe range features 360 degree diamond pave which is set in a stunning 18 carat white gold setting. The spherical ball that is hanging from the necklace is made up from lattice work and the sides are fully covered with diamond pave. For the necklace itself, if you are interested in these pieces you will be delighted to know that they come in two different sizes. There is a smaller 11 mm sphere that will have an estimated value of about £3,000 and there is a larger 2 cm sphere that will have an estimated retail price of about £5,500. Another interesting note to these spheres is that the designer Rachel Galley also stated that she would be looking into other colour combinations as well such as citrines and yellow gold. She will also be designing the style in rings, drop earrings, and bracelets and she will even be creating pieces that are unique to what each customer may be interested in achieving based on their own taste in diamond jewellery. She went on to mention how she was excited to reveal the diamond globe pieces for the Diamond Jubilee. These pieces are scheduled to be unveiled at the Jewellery Show London which is going to be taking place next month during London Jewellery Week and will be located at the Somerset House.
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