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Slow economies may affect diamond profits

02 Sep / 11
Slow economies may affect diamond profits
For those who are in the diamond jewellery industry, they may be finding out real soon that a slow economy may begin to have an ill effect on their bottom line. The month of August was a very hectic time for those who are involved in the diamond jewellery trading business because of several key factors. The main problem was the economic uncertainty that evolved in the United States. Because of the possible government shutdown that loomed over the unstable country for so long, other countries began to feel the effects as the stock markets soon reflected. Because of this major economic crisis there was a level of uncertainty for those in the rough diamond industry. The first half of the 2011 year saw mining companies turn in spectacular earnings. One thing keeping those who are in the diamond industry from experiencing anxiety attacks is that mining companies have vowed not to increase the cost of rough diamonds for the remainder of the year. If this remains true then those who are looking to fourth quarter to stabilize their profit margins may not be in as much trouble as some have predicted. If you are thinking about buying that special person in your life diamond jewellery you may be able to get exceptional value for your money this holiday season. Diamond jewellery retailers may be forced to mark down exceptionally high quality diamonds to keep inventory moving.
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