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The hunt for diamonds is on in Zimbabwe

16 Sep / 11
The hunt for diamonds is on in Zimbabwe
There have recently been reports that a small village in Murehwa called Mayangadze is the latest site where diamonds have been discovered. After a report had surfaced that stones of which some thought were diamonds had been discovered several months back, local villagers began a more intensive search for diamonds throughout the region which can be polished and made into beautiful diamond jewellery . It has been over 5 years since an area in Zimbabwe last had mining for the precious diamonds which was in the Chiadzwa area in the Manicaland province. This area saw a lot of illegal activity with miners and diamond jewellery dealers descending around the village to try to accumulate as much of the precious minerals as they could get their hands on. There was so much destruction and chaos in the area that the government had to send in the police and military to try to defuse the situation. However, that didnít seem to calm down the crisis. Because of the actions that took place 5 years ago, the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme placed a temporary ban on Zimbabwe from being able to sell and trade the precious mineral on the world market. If there is truth to the reports that there are in fact diamonds located in the village of Mayangadze, letís hope that the government is better equipped to handle the situation now than they were several years back.
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