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Understanding the Many Colours of Sapphires

29 Mar / 17
Understanding the Many Colours of Sapphires
Sapphires have grown substantially in popularity in recent years. Much of this increased popularity is being attributed to the millennial generationís take on wedding jewellery. Rather than the classic diamond engagement ring, they are seeking something that is more unique, less costly, and likely to hold its value. Sapphires were the obvious answer. One of the biggest reasons why sapphires were selected by so many to fill this role is because they are available in a wide range of colours. Not every bride or bride-to-be has to opt for the classic dark blue. Sapphires can be found in nearly every colour of the rainbow. But, why?

Much like diamonds, which also com in a wide variety of colours, the hue of the sapphires will depend on where they were formed. When the stone begins to take shape, it will naturally absorb or encapsulate the surrounding elements. These elements can impact the final colour of the stone.

Blue sapphires are most common because they are found in so many different locations. However, not all blue sapphires are equal. They can vary in colour from light, almost-gray to deep purple-blue.

Though blue sapphires remain the most popular and the most valuable of the sapphires, there is another colour that is quickly gaining ground. With pink diamonds being so widely prized in recent years, it makes sense that pink sapphires would see an uptick of interest as well. That they have. Deposits of pink sapphires were discovered in Madagascar late in the 20th century. This colour results from the presence of chromium. The amount of chromium contained within the stone will have a direct impact on the depth of its colour.

In addition to these top two hues, there are also yellow, orange, purple, peach (aka. Padparadscha), green, and black. There are also colourless sapphires, which have frequently be used in place of diamonds in the past.

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