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Valuable pearl earrings found in desk

25 Apr / 12
Valuable pearl earrings found in desk
A pair of pearl earrings found in a desk drawer that will be put up for auction in the UK is estimated to bring in over £500,000. The previous owner of this pair of earrings had placed them at the bottom of the desk and when the desk was consigned to Salisbury UK auctioneers by the owner’s nephew he stated briefly that he had these earrings along with some other pieces that were going to be part of the auction. The owners of these beautiful pearl earrings had no idea of the value of them and as the auction house stated they were amazed when they were told the estimated value of the precious pearl earrings that they had included in the auction. As for the earrings themselves, what makes them so valuable is the fact that they were once a gift from King Carol II of Romania to his lover for which he relinquished his throne in 1925. He then spent the next five years with his kept woman living in banishment in Portugal. The way that the consignor then got the earrings is believed to be that prior to her death the mistress left the earrings with a British friend who is believed to be the aunt of the consignor. For now no one is really certain what value the pearl earrings would be able to bring in, but based of other auctions the past several weeks and the fascination with Royal jewellery it is expected that these stunning earrings will attract a large amount of attention for the auction which is going to take place on April 26th. These earrings will certainly pair nicely with some other pieces of diamond jewellery.
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