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With the recent sale of the Sotheby’s 100.2 carat emerald cut white diamond for $22.1 million, we thought you may want to take a look at a few other pricey diam...
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As your wedding approaches, you must choose a dress, a venue, a cake, and a bridal party. Though there is a lot on your plate as you plan for the big day, don’...
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The black and white wedding has been a big hit in recent years, and while the event can be truly breathtaking in its simplicity, generally the bride wants to ad...
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Next to the jewellery worn about the neck, fingers, and ears of the bride and her party, bouquets are definitely the most important accessories to walk the aisl...
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It has been announced, via the mouths of a leading jewellery auction house, that 2015 will be the year of the gemstone. Bonhams, which has recently been featur...
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You may have noticed a trend in recent years - older brides and grooms walking down the aisle together. More and more people are waiting until they are in thei...
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Everyone has heard of the bucket list concept – an itemised selection of activities or accomplishments one hopes to take part in before he or she passes. Howev...
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In recent news, it was announced that Olympic swimmer Eamon Sullivan has popped the question. His bride-to-be, a barrister from Perth, Naomi Bass, admitted tha...
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The Apple Watch is now available, and as many would have guessed, that means that companies are stepping up to the plate to create their own designs to be used ...
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