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There can’t be much to setting small stones into one of the most classic ring styles, right? That would certainly be the thought of many people not familiar w...
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When making out the guest list to your upcoming wedding, there will likely be many very meaningful names considered, but it probably won’t include that of a wor...
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According to 2012 estimates, the population in Zambia hovers around 14.5 million people. Their gross domestic product in 2014 was a mere 26 billion US dollars....
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We saw another story recently on the Amour Amour dog collar, and thought that if this diamond studded pet gear is still making a splash on social media years af...
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There is a lot that goes into throwing a beautiful, memorable wedding. But, you can certainly rely on those who have done it before to offer advice and guidanc...
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We’ve had clients inquire about the relatively new stone on the market. This gemstone is commonly referred to as Mystic Topaz. There is little wonder why it i...
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It can be confusing for the mother of the bride to determine what works best for apparel on the big day. After all, there are many misleading statements made b...
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In the most recent blog post, we wrote about some of the steps to cutting and polishing a gemstone. We also mentioned the part played by industrial grade diamo...
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In order to get a stone read for the gorgeous settings seen on the Diamond Rocks website, it must be cut and polished. This allows its natural brilliance to sh...
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