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The idea of giving a special gift to a new mom is nothing new, even if the term ‘push present’ was more recently coined. However, since being referred to by su...
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The Emmys have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that the influence of the stars hasn’t continued on. There were a lot of looks that walked the red carpet t...
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We have seen many different engagement rings this year, bestowed to- and worn on the hands of big name celebrities. However, very few of those rings created su...
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The mothers at any wedding ceremony deserve a great deal of credit. Without their help and influence, the bride and groom wouldn’t have become the people that ...
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She was a popular face on So You Think You Can Dance in the United States, and then she won even greater acclaim for her appearance on Dancing with the Stars. ...
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Losing a prized piece of jewellery is very devastating, so it is good to know that there are people on this planet willing to seek out the owners of lost and fo...
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For as long as scientists have been able to develop diamonds in laboratories, the jewellery experts have had methods for distinguishing between the raw, natura...
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The culture in India has really served as inspiration in the Western world in recent years. There has been a great embracing of their style of dance, cuts of c...
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When you think about the wardrobes worn by royalty, you likely call to mine thick, luxurious fabrics, rich gems and jewels, and brand name accessories. However...
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