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We’ve mentioned in the Golden Globes 2017 already on this blog, but we felt that another post was in line. Though the name Tracee Ellis Ross may not be among t...
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A study of diamonds is not always aimed at finding more diamonds, or at reproducing the beauty of Mother Nature in a lab. There is much that diamonds can tell ...
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We completely agree that Mother Nature wins the award when it comes to creating the most beautiful diamonds, but we have to give the scientists and researchers ...
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If you are an avid fan of all things entertainment and celebrity, then you may have followed along with the Golden Globes Award Show via live Twitter feed recen...
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We see African gemstones all over the place. We see them, of course on runways and red carpets, but also in shopping malls, movie theaters, and popular restaur...
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Recently a very large Zultanite gemstone was sold at auction. The stone, which was offered for sale in a Hong Kong auction house, weighed in at 105 carats, maki...
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In the age of the Vikings, there was a great deal of pillaging and theft that took place between civilisations. This results in items being discovered within t...
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For a nation facing a difficult economic climate, perhaps one of the best pieces of news that can be revealed is the discovery of a tract of precious gemstones ...
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Given our modern day experience with royalty, we tend to make ties between royal figures and gorgeous, expensive jewels. However, there have been those members...
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