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Nothing is more exciting than picking out an engagement ring. Long gone, though, are the days when the man came to the store, selected the ring without any inp...
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Whether you have inherited a piece of jewellery you want to rework or you found the perfect stone but need a setting to show it off, figuring which setting is r...
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Nothing compares to the flash and fire of an opal. The glint of hot pink and lime (or other colors) flashing in an earring or commanding necklace catches atte...
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Undoubtedly, you have heard the old adage, ‘if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is.’ This lesson has been learned the hard way by far too many EB...
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Nothing makes a big statement quite like a flashy ruby does. It can take a strong personality to pull off some of the statement pieces made with rubies. But t...
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You have a substantial investment in your jewellery. You need a method of protecting it so it looks brilliant for a long time. But if you’re not careful, some...
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It was in the 1920’s that a famous jeweller of the time introduced rose gold in a way that the general market could appreciate. The Trinity ring, which had int...
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Interested in something new of great beauty and fashion relevance? Diamonds are, as always, very popular, and the trends today can work for nearly every woman....
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Real men do wear jewellery. Though you may have been told otherwise, take a look around you and you will notice that men do sneak in the bits of glitz and glam...
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