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The wedding season is upon us. If you are one of the lucky brides-to-be in the process of planning you big day, then one of the things that you will have to co...
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Sheer dresses have been a big hit on the red carpets and runways this year. From the patches of lace to the nearly full-exposure dresses of actresses like Rhia...
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Have you ever noticed that your hands feel a little stiffer after a walk, or that your rings feel a bit tighter in the heat of the summer months? Swelling, lik...
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If you are in the market for an important gift for one of the most special women in your life, then you definitely don’t want to overlook the possibilities that...
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As spring comes into full bloom, and summer quickly approaches, it is a great time to consider which of your jewellery pieces are in need of a little extra atte...
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In a previous post, we wrote a bit about choosing earrings to coordinate with your hair length and style. But, when hair –pulled back or cropped short – isn’t ...
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While nearly everyone knows about sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, there are still some who are not familiar with the stone called Peridot. Though it does not ...
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Source: 5 News Police are still questioning nine men over the audacious raid on London's jewellery quarter. The identity of some of the suspects has now emer...
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Whether for a big event or for a simple day on the town, the right earrings can really make an outfit. There are many things to consider when investing in a ne...
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