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Imagine yourself preparing for a big, formal event. You’ve strapped on a pair of gorgeous heels. You’ve let the soft, silky material of your gown slip over yo...
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Though many people believed that the love of vintage style jewellery was just a quickly passing trend, in truth, the love and appreciation of looks of years gon...
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Gorgeous yellow gold has been brilliantly twisted, engraved, and sculpted to create an ornamental piece that wouldn’t look horribly out of place in today’s jewe...
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Manitoba is a province of Canada that shares a border with the United States about midway between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. There are nearly 1.5 mi...
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The fifth in a series is often seen as carrying very little value. That is unless it happens to be the fifth in a collection of very large, very impressive dia...
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The Queen Kalahari is one of a small number of diamonds that carried a weight of more than three hundred carats in its raw form. In addition to its massive siz...
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Human beings love gemstones. This is not a secret, nor is it a surprise. For centuries, people have been shaping and polishing the brilliantly coloured stones...
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When it comes to giving gifts from leaders of one nation to another, there have certainly been some very extravagant and impressive examples through the years. ...
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Guernsey’s Auction House in New York is preparing for a big sale that is sure to draw in a lot of high rolling investors. The stakes are most definitely worth ...
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