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For many, many centuries, people have recognized the beauty of gemstones. Pulled from the Earth, there is something magical about them, in addition to their br...
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Daily Mail recently ran a very nice story on jewellery designer, Margot McKinney, after dancer and model, Dita Von Teese chose to don the jeweller’s earrings to...
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Tech lovers throughout the world are waiting with baited breath for the release of the Apple Watch. The company so well known for producing the smartest of sma...
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If you have any interest in pop culture, then you have likely heard of a Twitter feud that started over a recent proposal. The couple in question are Danny Dye...
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When it comes to diamonds and expensive jewellery, there will always be the occasional dispute. These treasures are so highly valued, that everyone wants a pie...
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The Scottish actor has certainly made a splash in the media this week, as it is suspected that he might finally tie himself down. The longtime bachelor has bee...
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There are many different metal options available to men and women today, when shopping for an engagement ring. Among the most popular is white gold. This is a...
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While, once upon a time, it was traditional for a woman to wear only her wedding ring upon her wedding finger after the ceremony was complete, today women like ...
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For those who have been paying close attention to the runways this fashion season, you might have noticed that there is a particular gemstone that turned up in ...
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