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The birthstone for September is the stunning sapphire. It happens to be a relative of Julyís birthstone the ruby. Like a ruby, a sapphire is in the corundum fam...
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The sapphire is the birthstone for September. It is a stunning stone that has gained popularity lately with celebrities creating diamond engagement rings pairin...
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Catherine Tyldesley, star of Coronation Street, is engaged to Tom Pitifield, the father of her soon to be child. She announced her engagement on Twitter, just o...
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This has been a big weekend for weddings! Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross got married today at his motherís home. Evan Ross is the son of Diana Ross. The bride wor...
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This month, the birthstone is the beautiful Peridot. The lime-green stone pairs beautifully with diamonds and is beautiful in gemstone jewellery as a necklace, ...
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Diana had what was arguably one of the most famous wedding dresses ever. Her stunning diamond and sapphire engagement ring lives on through her daughter-in-law ...
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Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy wed on Saturday after dating for some time. Mark was unable to make it to the wedding, but the tweeted his congratulations to...
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It has finally happened! NBA all-star Dwayne Weade and Gabrielle Union are officially husband and wife. The couple exchanged vows in a ceremony made up of their...
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Michelle Dockery and Joanne Froggatte got to enjoy some time in modern gowns during the Emmys in Los Angeles, California. The duo both opted for backless dresse...
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