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In the past blog post, we spoke about a very impressive diamond that went to the auction blocks last year. However, it certainly isnít the only stone that has ...
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Imagine holding up your hand and having the light catch the rock seated there, casting beams in every direction. You wouldnít be able to hold up that hand for ...
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Is there such a thing? According to a fairly recent auction, there really is a perfect diamond, though the occurrence of such unflawed brilliance is exceptional...
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In this case, we arenít referring to the expected engagements of the year. Instead, we are speaking of investment, and the chance for the money-makers of the w...
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Did you know that more than thirteen billion dollars (£8.4 billion) worth of diamonds are extracted from the Earth each year? Itís true. The majority of these...
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GIA recently did a beautiful thing, inviting art lovers to embrace in one of the most classically favored paintings of all time. Yet, the artwork was not inten...
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While it is a general rule that inclusions lessen the value of a natural gemstone, that is not always the case. We have recently seen a particular case that pl...
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There were many bright spots to the 2015 summer season. However, to the jewellery industry, few things can be compared to a great auction seller. The pieces tha...
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In 2010, the news broke about a diamond setting records. The 507-carat rough diamond smashed the record for the most money ever spent on a rough diamond. It s...
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