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Did you know that approximately eight out of every ten rubies sold on the market today come from Myanmar? Also known as Burma, bordering Thailand, and across th...
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When dreaming of a diamond engagement ring, most brides-to-be do have visions of a massive rock upon their fingers, which would make all other women envious. O...
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The Winter Antiques Show in New York is an annual event that dates back to more than sixty years ago. For those in the jewellery industry, it does have a great ...
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According to their website, Mustang Resources LTD is an emerging gemstone developer. The project that they highlight in their Ďabout usí section is the Montepu...
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Nepal is the site of a lot of activity related to the jewellery industry. Some time ago, it was discovered that treasured, precious stones were lying beneath t...
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An auction house making half a million pounds in a jewellery sale is not overly surprising. Some of the larger auction houses make tens of millions on a single...
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On this blog, we frequently discuss the amazing things that can be done with diamonds that are not related to the manufacturing of fine jewellery. And, there a...
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Investors are eager right now, eager to find the next big investment and they arenít having a great deal of luck in the usual channels. The rate of return on m...
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We completely agree that Mother Nature wins the award when it comes to creating the most beautiful diamonds, but we have to give the scientists and researchers ...
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