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Just because two companies both profess to be experienced diamond mining operations, doesn’t mean that they are approaching the earth with the same mindset or e...
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The Irish-American known as Whitey Bulger, was born James Joseph Bulger, in 1929. Now 86, he has been convicted of murder and known to have previous ties to th...
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New technology and innovations in the diamond mining industry have made it possible for the workers to pull larger chunks of diamond from the earth, before they...
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While most people dream of just five or ten carats of diamonds, those who work in the mining industry expect to see hundreds of thousands each year. So, the fa...
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Singapore was the site of a recent auction that proved very profitable for gemstone miners, Gemfields PLC. The company has long been associated with the jewell...
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We have talked about living jewellery before. There have been several attempts to make something wearable from something still bursting with life. It makes se...
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If you thought that Christie’s or Sotheby’s auction houses were at the top of the list for most jewellery lots sold each year, then you would probably be wrong....
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It was entirely visible to those lucky enough to be in attendance. Along with the finest wines, famous artwork, and other stunning items, there was the piece d...
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It is, officially, the largest and most expensive of the fancy intense blue diamonds ever placed on the auction block. For many people, it would be a fantasy t...
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