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When it comes to coloured gemstones, there are three that always rate at the very top of the list for popularity. Among those is the sapphire (the other two wo...
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Through many auctions, sales, and shows, we have started to see some new and beautiful trends occurring in the jewellery industry, including a big appreciation ...
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This year, and the few months preceding it, has seen a major increase in the price per-carat for coloured gemstones and pearls. Buyers are seeking the rarest a...
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There was quite a rare sale that just occurred in Switzerland. It involved many precious gems, but one, in particular, really stood out. The ‘pigeon blood’ ru...
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We’ve seen a lot of wedding trends come and go throughout the years, but there is a new one on the horizon which was unexpected, but makes perfect sense now tha...
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There is good news for a few select male diamond buyers that has reached this masses this week. It seems that at least one man will soon have himself a rather ...
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BBC reporter Declan Lawn has spent the last two weeks working out how the robbery was pulled off. From abseiling down a lift shaft, to drilling through a concre...
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We, at Diamond Rocks, were just as excited as the rest of the world, about the recent Sotheby’s Auction House sale. Though many gemstones were sold that day, i...
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It has been announced, via the mouths of a leading jewellery auction house, that 2015 will be the year of the gemstone. Bonhams, which has recently been featur...
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