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Another auction record was set recently, when a special pink diamond was put up on the block of the Sotheby’s Auction House in Geneva, Switzerland. A notorious...
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Recently, news headlines were filled with information about a special, highly rare diamond pulled from the Argyle mine in Australia. The stone was considered s...
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In the previous blog post, we wrote a bit about the vas expense that goes into attending the annual event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Those who are tigh...
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Why are rubies selling so well? That is the question asked by many recently, after the record breaking sale of the Jubilee Ruby Ring. While that stone did sma...
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Ok, so legally you can’t be wed to a piece of technology, but there are certainly people who show more than a little affection for their favourite wearables. N...
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Kaminski Auction House, located in the United States, recently hosted an auction that was undoubtedly of interest to many jewellery - and gemstone collectors. ...
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As blue, red, pink, and yellow diamonds continue to perform very well on auction blocks, the only thing that could excite buyers more than another large stone o...
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DeBeers is easily one of the biggest names in the diamond industry, so any time the name is seen in headlines, people pay attention. So, when it was announced ...
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China is the second largest consumer of diamonds in the world, second only to the United States. Unfortunately, economic slowdown has led to a reduced demand f...
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