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There was recently news out of India that could be very exciting for the local population, as well as those who will call them tourists in the country in the fu...
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We often write about auctions of fine gemstones and jewellery, but it isnít often that a piece performs so well at auction that those in charge of the sales are...
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A merger in Sierra Leone could create one major mining operation. Stellar Diamonds has publicly admitted that they have set their sights on the Tonguma project...
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An African government has reason to celebrate at the moment, as a recent tanzanite auction held in Arusha proved very successful. This is an area that has been...
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So large is the Russian diamond mine, known as Mir, that helicopter pilots are told to stay clear of it. It is just so vast that the helicopters could potentia...
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The diamond mining giant has led the way in the industry for many years. They are consistently a top producer of the best quality diamonds to enter the market ...
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There have been many trends that we have seen, and a few that have gone just as quickly in the jewellery industry over the past few years. One of those that ha...
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The arctic diamond rush is also known as the Great Canadian Diamond Rush, because it took place in the North Western territories of Canada, where brutally cold ...
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The average woman can hope to wear a diamond that weighs in at one- or perhaps two carats. A few will know what it is life to wear five- or been ten carats, bu...
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