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For quite some time, there has really been a pull to the past that has been evident in fashion, clothing, and accessories. However, that vintage appeal is real...
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In recent investing news, the De Beer’s diamond mining company has been highlighted. The reason for this interest in this big industry player is due to the eff...
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Who doesn’t love a beautifully cut ruby or sapphire? There is something magical about the shimmering beauty that was crafted by Mother Nature. However, while ...
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Tech lovers throughout the world are waiting with baited breath for the release of the Apple Watch. The company so well known for producing the smartest of sma...
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Jewellery lovers from all around the world will perk up when they hear of an impending Sotheby’s jewellery auction, but when that sale includes multiple diamond...
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If a wedding is in your future, you’d best put this event on your calendar right away. March 1 is the date for the first wedding fair at the recently renovated...
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Diamonds never go out of style. They’re a classic look that can be adopted into any fashion statement. The newest way to showcase a stunning stone might be, q...
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Diamond retailers are understandably excited about the growing Asian middle class, which has led to a surge of diamond and jewellery sales on that continent. T...
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There has been some very touching news reaching us from the Asian continent recently, as long married couples are finally able to have the big, white weddings t...
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