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While pearls are readily available on the market today, many of them are cultured pearls, grown by oyster farmers, and extracted at specified intervals, in orde...
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In 2001, a queen was put to rest. The gorgeous Queen Maria-Jose was not known for having a long reign. In fact, her tenure as queen was very shortly lived. S...
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In a recent write-up by Haute Times, images of models wearing diamonds (and little else) were analyzed based on the pieces (and the style of those pieces) that ...
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Investors know that when the stock market falls, it is time to buy. While many of those less financially-minded individuals will pull out, selling at supremely...
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Diamond engagement rings are still the top sellers, but the number of couples who actually chose the traditional diamond ring has fallen this year. In fact, it...
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After months of waiting, the Sothebyís auction in Hong Kong finally took place, earlier this month. And, as was expected, it brought in huge sums of money, as ...
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The Emmys have come and gone, but that doesnít mean that the influence of the stars hasnít continued on. There were a lot of looks that walked the red carpet t...
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The culture in India has really served as inspiration in the Western world in recent years. There has been a great embracing of their style of dance, cuts of c...
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Imagine being able to go into space with the intention of bringing back great wealth. That is just what some explorers are preparing to do, as news breaks of p...
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