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In 2010, the news broke about a diamond setting records. The 507-carat rough diamond smashed the record for the most money ever spent on a rough diamond. It s...
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For many centuries, people have loved the beauty and the mystery of pearls. Created in such an unusual manner, humans have been intrigued by them throughout hi...
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The international auction of fine gems and jewellery will soon be commencing in Hong Kong. Sotheby’s auction house is world reknowned for having the best of th...
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It was in the 1920’s that a famous jeweller of the time introduced rose gold in a way that the general market could appreciate. The Trinity ring, which had int...
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When thinking of the look of the 90s, few can forget the hoop earrings. They were seen everywhere and women loved their versatility. Today, there is a renewed ...
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We all talk about one carat-, two carat-, and larger diamond rings. But, it is generally understood that these diamonds are set in a metal band of some sort, w...
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With diamonds being one of the most prized items on the planet, and people willing to fork over millions for the nicest specimens, one would think that everyone...
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As always, the news of a new iPhone coming to the market has millions of people excited. However, after the recent release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, many are...
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As always, it is a joy to see the innovation and great sense of design that comes out of international jewellery shows, and the India International Jewellery We...
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