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On April 5th 2016, Sotheby will open up bids for a 10.10 carat diamond. The diamond is an oval shaped stone with a vibrant blue colour. The value of the diamond...
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Elmer Holmes Bobst was an American businessman, turned philanthropist, who enjoyed a great deal of success and a rather substantial income during his lifetime. ...
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The news headlines were full of information about the Shirley Temple ring that was to be sold at the Sotheby’s Auction House recent New York sale. Shirley Tem...
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A single diamond of impressive size is not something that most people will possess in their lifetimes. When that diamond weighs in at twenty carats, the number...
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The Responsible Jewellery Council, or the RJC, was formed with the intention of providing standards and certification for the diamond and gold jewellery market,...
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Already, the folks in charge of this large trendsetting show, so meaningful to the jewellery and watch community, has started planning for the 2017 show, schedu...
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Attribute it to the beautiful engagement ring once belonging to Princess Diana and now adorning the finger of Duchess Kate. Consider it a result of a thriftier...
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It was recently announced that saffronart.com will host an online auction April 19th-April 20th. There are several pieces that will be included in the auction,...
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We’ve written a fair amount about the upcoming Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction in Geneva, but that will not be the only sparkling affair in the month of M...
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