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While most of us are just starting to fully enjoy the thought of warmer weather, and looking forward to the switch to our spring and summer wardrobes, the fashi...
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Another diamond auction is making headlines, as Sotheby’s has announced that a stunning specimen will be taking centre stage at an upcoming sale. With a pre-sal...
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April is just around the corner, and with it will come many big events and special times. Of course, there is a strong sense of hope that spring will make its ...
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There are many wonderful examples of jewellery-making brilliance that can be referenced at length, but one of the most stunning in currently making headlines at...
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For quite some time, there has really been a pull to the past that has been evident in fashion, clothing, and accessories. However, that vintage appeal is real...
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In recent investing news, the De Beer’s diamond mining company has been highlighted. The reason for this interest in this big industry player is due to the eff...
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Who doesn’t love a beautifully cut ruby or sapphire? There is something magical about the shimmering beauty that was crafted by Mother Nature. However, while ...
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Tech lovers throughout the world are waiting with baited breath for the release of the Apple Watch. The company so well known for producing the smartest of sma...
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