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Jewellers have a job that extends beyond knowing and understanding the various materials that are used to create fine jewellery today. They must sell, not just...
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Most people, throughout their lifetimes, will collect pieces of jewellery that hold special meaning. Some of those pieces are valuable, others carry only an em...
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The scarab was the most important amulet in the ancient Egyptian culture. It might be compared to the cross of Christians, for instance. In many cases, these ...
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According to an article in the Telegraph, it took for than fifty years to compile the stones that will soon be displayed as the Rainbow of Africa Collection. I...
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Most people expect very little when it comes to presents from their parents. However, a seven year old girl recently received quite a present from her father -...
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Margaret Thatcher certainly enjoyed a number of years in the lime light during her eighty-eight years on this Earth. In addition to being married to the same m...
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Every year there are certain gemstones that sell better than the others. While sapphires will undoubtedly continue their reign in the New Year, we expect to se...
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The words ‘estate sale’ will often get prospective buys excited, but when those words are combined, in the same sentence, with Hasbro, Inc. there is definitely ...
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The American Gem Trade Association is dedicated to the gemstone industry, and has done a lot to celebrate the designers, and gemstone cutters who work so hard t...
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