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For several years, Burmese rubies and jade carried a negative stigma, because of the stories unveiled regarding the poor treatment of mine workers and the poor ...
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Peter the Great was ruler in Russia in the 18th century. He carried the title of Emperor for three and a half years, and prior to that was called the Tsar. Hi...
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For any metal detectorist, the greatest reward for all of the time, energy, and money spent on the hunt is to uncover something of true value. That is the goal...
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In case you don’t understand the reference, please allow us to get this classic Disney song stuck in your head for the day. You can watch the Under the Sea vid...
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Next month, the jewellery industry will be flocking to London for the chance to view some unique and spectacular pieces. There were will be sixty dealers and a...
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As a player in the diamond market, Diamond Rocks has certainly seen the evidence of new trends started by the millennial generation. There has been increased i...
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Years ago, in the West African nation known as Sierra Leone, there was a massive diamond pulled from a mine. It weighed in at 969 carats (not a far cry from th...
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In a recent blog post, we wrote a bit about the man that is chairman for Sotheby’s international jewellery division. Now, though, we turn our sights on another...
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There are often auctions of rare diamonds and gemstones. These sought after sales happen multiple times per year in various corners of the world. However, it ...
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