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If youíve always wondered what it would feel like to be a princess, to wear the gems and the jewels, and, of course, the headpieces of royalty, then you definit...
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After the auction reports that we saw last year, it should come as no surprise that coloured diamonds are in high demand. Yet, white diamond prices have fallen...
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According to recent reports, the acts of two large diamond mines might have been a big mistake for the mining industry. Between the two leading diamond miners ...
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As always, there are trends that can be noted within the jewellery industry, and 2015 certainly told us a great deal about what buyers and investors are looking...
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Taking a look at the various shows, jewellery fairs, and, of course, the buying habits in 2015 can tell us a great deal about what buyers will be looking for th...
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As with so many gemstones, pearls have been enjoying an increased popularity recently. This is not just in western cultures. In fact, a large portion of the p...
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There is good news from diamond mining company, Stellar Diamonds PLC. The company issued a formal report to let the world know that it had recovered a very lar...
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After the discussion about some of the best auction performers in 2015, it only felt right to talk about some of the most expensive gemstones in the world. The...
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Do you love Alexandrite? Do you know what the stone is? Some love it, and those who donít are generally the same people who arenít familiar with it. Alexandr...
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