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In a recent piece by the New York Times, several of the wedding attire trends were addressed. These bridal fads are expected to carry over into 2016, as many o...
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We often hear about large gemstones being placed on the auction block for top bidders, and many members of the general public never get the opportunity to see s...
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This Halloween weekend, you may want to get yourself aboard a plane bound for NYC. For October 30 and 31st, only, the Sothebyís auction house headquarters will...
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If you love diamonds, especially big diamonds, then your eye might have caught on a trilliant diamond recently. The triangular brilliant diamond is a 44 facet ...
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While pearls are readily available on the market today, many of them are cultured pearls, grown by oyster farmers, and extracted at specified intervals, in orde...
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In 2001, a queen was put to rest. The gorgeous Queen Maria-Jose was not known for having a long reign. In fact, her tenure as queen was very shortly lived. S...
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In a recent write-up by Haute Times, images of models wearing diamonds (and little else) were analyzed based on the pieces (and the style of those pieces) that ...
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Investors know that when the stock market falls, it is time to buy. While many of those less financially-minded individuals will pull out, selling at supremely...
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Diamond engagement rings are still the top sellers, but the number of couples who actually chose the traditional diamond ring has fallen this year. In fact, it...
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