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Zimbabwe is one of the top ten largest producers of diamonds, which makes it a very desirable spot for those seeking the sparking treasure. Yet, despite the fa...
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It takes a great deal for a large, natural pearl to form. An oyster, met with an irritant, will do its best to dispel it. Only after it fails to do so will th...
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DeBeers is a name that you simply cannot ignore, if you play any sort of role in the diamond and jewellery industries. This is a company that has consistently ...
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Weighing in at 24.18 carats and boasting a very pristine, gorgeous, pale blue hue, the Cullinan Dream is certainly a gorgeous diamond. Add to that a platinum ...
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The golden eagle that is currently making headlines is said to have been paid for with the monies borrowed against the owner’s house. After taking out a rather...
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Yet another record was broken, recently, by a coloured diamond. The stones have been selling exceptionally well at auctions recently – whether pink, blue, red,...
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She was undoubtedly one of the most notable icons in the world, and, even now, long after her death, Marilyn Monroe has an impact on the entertainment industry....
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Bonham’s Auction House is asking you, ‘What’s in the Box?’ as part of their annual Jewellery in June campaign. With the turn of the month just days away, excit...
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The speculation over the possible sale price and potential buyers was in full force in the days leading up to the sale of the rare blue diamond, known as the Op...
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