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Many were shocked at a recent New Zealand auction, when a brooch and earring set sold far above the pre-sale estimates. Cast in 18 karat gold, the pieces are m...
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Following a trend that has the jewellery industry very excited, another big announcement was made recently. This time, the story originated in Russia, where ye...
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Not all that long ago, we wrote about a massive star sapphire, believing that it would be the biggest that we would see for quite some time, but we were wrong i...
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Bloomberg recently highlighted an interesting article about diamond mining in Canada. Like some of the mines in Russia, those in Canada face a set of challenge...
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Most people realize that the majority of diamonds unearthed are not considered to be gem quality. That is to say that they have no place in the jewellery indus...
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We wrote recently about the efforts of the Russian government to privatize ALROSA, the most profitable diamond mining operation in the nation. There was concer...
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As we've mentioned in a previous blog post, in February of this year, Lucapa Diamond Company announced that it had discovered a diamond of impressively large si...
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In an effort to promote female inclusion in the jewellery industry, and likely in an effort to grow the appeal of rubies around the world, Gemfields has introdu...
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The internet has changed the world of retail. There are so many new buying opportunities for the average person, who was once confined to the local shops and s...
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