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There is news out of Russia recently that the massive diamond operation known as Alrosa is pushing for the Russian government to lift the ceiling on diamond exp...
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Never heard the name David Bennett? Then, you aren’t likely one of the elite few who are bidding on the prized gems and jewels sold by Sotheby’s auction house....
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It has been a big year for diamond miners. A big year of big diamonds! We have seen some massive stones being pulled from the mines around the world, which is ...
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Rio Tinto owns and operates a mine known as ‘Argyle’. The diamond producing site is located in Western Australia, more specifically in the East Kimberely regio...
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Lucara diamond mine has revealed, to the public, its intentions to improve upon the current mining practices. The hope, of course, is to use new technology to ...
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‘Tis the season for fashion, as models strut their stuff on the runways, and the red carpets are lined with the biggest names in show business. This is the sea...
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The Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels & Jadeite sale is set to take place in Hong Kong, and there is certainly a great deal of excitement about the event. Perhaps t...
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In Hong Kong, in a few short hours, some of the wealthiest and most notable jewellery collectors in the world will gather before an auction block. They will be...
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For most people, talking about emeralds, sapphires, rubies, or topaz, calls to mind images of sparkling gems, cut and polished to perfection. But, according to...
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