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Jason Holt is the managing director of Holts London. He has submitted a new standard of apprenticeship for the craftsman industry. He has led the Craft Phase 2 ...
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One of the world’s largest distributors of synthetic diamonds, Pure Grown Diamonds, has been very busy the last couple of months. With the ability to create ge...
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In a recent announcement released by one of the world’s largest jewellery retailers Tiffany & Co.’s long time CEO Michael J Kowalski will be retiring at the beg...
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There is a very new type of diamond that has recently hit the jewellery industry and it’s causing quite the stir amongst those in the industry. So much has bee...
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Consumers worldwide were once again drawn to gold jewellery as the increase in sales for gold saw its largest volume increase in over 15 years. In part the inc...
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AsiaWorld Expo and the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre will be the two exclusive venues that will be hosting this year’s September Hong Kong Jewellery ...
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Some of the world’s rarest and most beautiful diamonds have found their way to one of the biggest metropolitans in the world, Tokyo, Japan. The Argyle diamonds ...
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If you have been looking for a stunning yellow diamond ring, then you will have an opportunity to get your hands on one as Sohn & Associates will be holding an ...
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Are you in love with diamonds and diamond jewellery? You are not alone. According to estimates by De Beers, sales of polished diamonds rose 4 percent globally t...
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