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We’ve written a fair amount about the upcoming Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction in Geneva, but that will not be the only sparkling affair in the month of M...
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A pink diamond is going on the auction block. And, as usual, a sale like this has buyers very excited. This sense of thrill is likely compounded by the fact t...
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In a previous blog post, we wrote a bit about Princess Gabriele, the woman who married Prince Karim Aga Khan IV in 1998. His title, as the 49th Imam of the Ism...
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We, like so many others, were excited about the Sotheby’s jewellery auction in Hong Kong. The recent sale included many examples of gorgeous gemstones and diam...
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Several fine pieces from the collection of a royal Indian family are set to go on the auction block this year. This could be a very exciting event for buyers i...
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Gemfields PLC is considered a specialist in the world of coloured gemstones, and they have proven their knowledge of the stones, as well of the market throughou...
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The 404 carat diamond discovered in the Lulo diamond mines has certainly enjoyed the limelight, since it was found in February. The massive rock was recently so...
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We recently reported on the sale of an ancient, fine metal ring, with ornate engravings. It was said to belong to the famous French female soldier, Joan of Arc...
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Shirley Temple is a name that is synonymous with talent for many people. This is a woman who, as an American actress, really brought the screen to life in a wa...
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