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The Responsible Jewellery Council, or the RJC, was formed with the intention of providing standards and certification for the diamond and gold jewellery market,...
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Already, the folks in charge of this large trendsetting show, so meaningful to the jewellery and watch community, has started planning for the 2017 show, schedu...
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We’ve all seen the mistakes of retailers, who mistype the price on a price tag. In some instances, it is the difference between £10 and £100, and while that lo...
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When a person thinks about a lab created diamond, he or she does not generally imagine an overly large price tag. Yet, there are some lab created stones, which...
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A pink diamond is going on the auction block. And, as usual, a sale like this has buyers very excited. This sense of thrill is likely compounded by the fact t...
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To say “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is an old cliché, but it may well be true. Since diamonds were first used in royal jewelry around the 13th century, t...
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Trying to sell a diamond can be a tough business, because it is difficult to know where to make the offering, and how to avoid scams, but DeBeers Diamond Compan...
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Fine watches have been very precious items for several decades now, and people often value them as much for the inner workings as they do for the gorgeous, visu...
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Pink is the colour of love, making it the ideal choice when trying to express your undying feelings for that someone special. For centuries pink has been seen ...
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