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It was a man by the name of Frederick Wells who was credited with the discovery of the largest diamond ever known to mankind. He was working in the Premier min...
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As always, there are trends that can be noted within the jewellery industry, and 2015 certainly told us a great deal about what buyers and investors are looking...
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As a continuation of the previous blog post, we are going to write about a few more of the most expensive gemstones in the world. As we previously mentioned, t...
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The news isnít happy, but the pictures that are showing up alongside the headlines of a recent theft are certainly stunning. In a devastating story of theft, ...
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You havenít been truly spoiled until you have celebrated like a billionaire, and there are very few who will ever experience that. However, if you would like t...
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It certainly isnít a secret that coloured diamonds have been very popular in recent years, setting records at auctions and selling in record numbers for jewelle...
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Mankind has been creating synthetic diamonds for many years, but they have also been actively seeking easier and better methods for recreating the beauty of nat...
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We wrote about the dad who spent millions of pounds in order to buy his daughter the Blue Moon Diamond. The record-setting sale price was forked over by the ma...
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With all of the news headlines being so focused on the Lucara Diamond Mine findings Ė three very large colourless diamonds, including the largest stone in more ...
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