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This is a big point of misunderstanding in the jewellery industry. Customers will regularly refer to small diamond accents as diamond chips, though very often ...
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Very near the centre of the United States of America is the state of Arkansas, and within its borders is a state park called Crater of Diamonds. This park isn’...
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If you are in the midst of selecting an engagement ring, or you have just taken a general interest in diamonds, you might have heard jewellers reference ‘master...
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While most of us are just starting to fully enjoy the thought of warmer weather, and looking forward to the switch to our spring and summer wardrobes, the fashi...
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When thinking about the diamond industry, many will think about the miner, the cutter and the retailer, but there are many other positions related to the retrie...
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If you paid any attention to the fashion and movie awards season this year, you likely noticed that earrings were a big part of the fashion statements made by t...
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April is just around the corner, and with it will come many big events and special times. Of course, there is a strong sense of hope that spring will make its ...
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The next time you listen to your favorite rock band, you can stop and wonder about the instrument being played by the lead performer. Sure it sounds great, but...
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