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If you love the fashion of India, you are in for a treat. The V&A museum, located right here, in London, is preparing an exhibit that will stun audiences. The...
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Most people detest the idea of having to schedule a colonoscopy, but if the doctor retrieved a six carat diamond each time, it’s safe to assume that more people...
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Recently, people have paid a lot of attention to symbols, shapes and form in jewellery. One of the shapes that has been making a big surge is the bow. This is...
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Reading through some archived blogs recently on various jewellery related sites, we came, once again, across the 8.72 carat cushion cut Fancy Vivid pink diamond...
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When you buy a diamond, you hope that you will be able to enjoy its beauty forever, you hope to be able to hand it down to the most important people in your lif...
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We hear about jewellery theft all of the time. Unfortunately, these stories regularly make headlines. The love for jewels and gems, their immense value, makes...
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Diamonds are considered a rare commodity, yet they are found in many corners of the world. Today, diamonds are mined in Brazil, Africa, India, Canada, Australi...
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In the last blog post, we spoke a bit about the myths that exist around the jewellery industry. As we stated before, the fact that most buyers are not research...
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There are many misunderstandings that relate to diamonds. It is understandable, given the fact that most people are not researching or looking into new gemston...
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