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Unfortunately, as time goes by, our ring size can change. Often a person’s finger can change by as much as two sizes between her early twenties and her golden ...
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Did you know that diamonds are more susceptible to cracking and splitting in certain directions than in others? Though they are among the strongest naturally o...
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While many women would be stunned to find three carat solitaires upon their fingers, there are those buyers out there who are looking for something much larger....
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The diamond might be a girl’s best friend, but her cell phone is her lifeline, so why not combine the two? That is what a manufacturer in Geneva, Switzerland i...
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Buying a diamond ring for the woman that you love is no easy undertaking. There is a lot to consider when picking the piece that she will wear regularly for the...
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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but her bag often contains her greatest worldly possessions. So, why not combine the two? It made perfect sense to Hermés, ...
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The National Association of Goldsmiths (NAG) has taken a stance on responsible sourcing of products. They are urging jewelers to adopt the National Association ...
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Jason Holt is the managing director of Holts London. He has submitted a new standard of apprenticeship for the craftsman industry. He has led the Craft Phase 2 ...
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It’s been all over the news that George Clooney is getting married to Amal Alamuddin later on this year. His ex Elisabetta Canalis may have wedding bells in her...
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