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Most people realize that the majority of diamonds unearthed are not considered to be gem quality. That is to say that they have no place in the jewellery indus...
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We have seen some very brilliant and very expensive phone cases in the past. Some are trimmed in gold or platinum, others are set with fine rubies and diamonds...
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It wasn’t a treasure max or a team of archeologists that recently uncovered a jeweled dagger worth large sums of money. It is believed that this intricate dagg...
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Diamonds are known to be the hardest material known to man. That might imply that diamonds would be the best material to use when trying to cut through thick s...
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Will lab-grown diamonds ever be as desirable as those pulled from the earth? For miners, most gemologists, and many jewellery collectors, the answer is likely ...
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It was in India that the massive stone was found by a man whose legacy was lost. No longer does anyone know the name, the age, or even the origin of the discov...
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DeBeers is a name that you simply cannot ignore, if you play any sort of role in the diamond and jewellery industries. This is a company that has consistently ...
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Diamonds, as you know, can come in many colours, qualities, and sizes. While most people are aware of this fact, there are many that do not know about the cham...
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Diamonds are not truly as rare as people once believed. There are many operational mines currently in use, and more sources of diamonds being found every day. ...
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