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In a recent announcement released by one of the world’s largest jewellery retailers Tiffany & Co.’s long time CEO Michael J Kowalski will be retiring at the beg...
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Due to a large increase in the average value of rough diamonds in 2013, the global diamond production value increased by more than 11 per cent in 2013 from the ...
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The De Beers Group has recently unveiled an updated model for allocation of all rough stones by GSS (Global Sightholder Sales) for the 2015 through 2018 contrac...
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When you think about fine and elegant jewellery you usually will think about diamonds, rare gemstones, or even gold and silver, but you rarely will think about ...
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When it comes to ageless classics you certainly will always think of the stunning crown jewel of gemstones the diamond, however when it comes to guarantees no o...
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One of the most popular cartoon characters ever created has been brought to life so to speak as a life-size statue has been created of Popeye the Sailor man. S...
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One of the most exclusive, high profile trade shows that take place annually has set a date for their upcoming show. The invitation only Antwerp Diamond Trade ...
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Two of the hottest jewellery designers in the world have been recognised by the Scottish Fashion Awards as both Jane Gowans and Karen Morrison has been nominate...
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As one of the top producing nation for diamonds in the African region Angola experts have stated that they expect to see a significant increase in production, e...
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