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If there are two things that women love in this world it has to be handbags and diamonds, when you combine the two together you have an unbeatable combination t...
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Several top jewellery designers will be showcased at this year’s premiere Desire Jewellery fair which takes place annually. The event is scheduled to be hosted...
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Bvlgari has been busy celebrating the brands 130th anniversary by creating some fabulous fashion pieces; one of those pieces includes the stunning new Icona 10 ...
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It’s always a good time when you can watch siblings feed their natural sibling rivalry whether they are commoners like most of us, or royals. Some lucky people ...
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Do you have a team of creative employees on your staff? If so you may want to consider giving them the opportunity to create some very unique, and perhaps awar...
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There is a very new type of diamond that has recently hit the jewellery industry and it’s causing quite the stir amongst those in the industry. So much has bee...
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Visitors at the World Trade plaza in Hunan City located in central China have been featured with the opportunity to lay their eyes upon the world’s most expensi...
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At one time, pearls were one of the most beloved gemstones in the jewellery industry. Now, they have been relegated to being a gemstone that is only for little ...
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In an event filled with some of the biggest stars from Hollywood and beyond the Cannes Film Festival once again brought to life some of the biggest celebrities ...
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