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It certainly isn’t a secret that coloured diamonds have been very popular in recent years, setting records at auctions and selling in record numbers for jewelle...
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Mankind has been creating synthetic diamonds for many years, but they have also been actively seeking easier and better methods for recreating the beauty of nat...
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We wrote about the dad who spent millions of pounds in order to buy his daughter the Blue Moon Diamond. The record-setting sale price was forked over by the ma...
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With all of the news headlines being so focused on the Lucara Diamond Mine findings – three very large colourless diamonds, including the largest stone in more ...
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Jewellers have a job that extends beyond knowing and understanding the various materials that are used to create fine jewellery today. They must sell, not just...
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Thinking about buying Christmas presents? Why not take advantage of the Diamond Rocks Black Friday deals on November 27th. There will be lots of jewellery to c...
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If you are beginning to think about redoing your décor in time for the winter holiday season, you might be in the market for new Christmas decorations. If your...
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Most people buy diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and brooches – the list is endless. They are bought for loved ones to celebrate special occasion...
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Looking for an overseas holiday destination? You may want to try the United States if you're in the market for great diamonds. The Crater of Diamonds State Park...
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