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On April 5th 2016, Sotheby will open up bids for a 10.10 carat diamond. The diamond is an oval shaped stone with a vibrant blue colour. The value of the diamond...
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What if you came across a diamond that is 404.2 carat diamond that is virtually flawless to the naked eye? In Angola a diamond has been discovered that is measu...
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Until now, diamonds were the hardest naturally occurring substance known to man. However scientists in North California say that they have developed a technique...
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Diamonds are said to be a rare and exquisite item acquired by those who can afford it. But what happens when one of the biggest diamonds has ever been discovere...
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Most people expect very little when it comes to presents from their parents. However, a seven year old girl recently received quite a present from her father -...
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Thinking about buying Christmas presents? Why not take advantage of the Diamond Rocks Black Friday deals on November 27th. There will be lots of jewellery to c...
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Most people buy diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and brooches – the list is endless. They are bought for loved ones to celebrate special occasion...
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