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Eternity Rings

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Nothing expresses your ongoing love and devotion more than an eternity ring. Made of precious metal set with diamonds or other gemstones, it goes on and on and never stops, much like your feelings for the special person you committed your love and life to on your wedding day.

When should you give an eternity ring? Anytime is a good time, but they're often given on special wedding anniversaries or to mark a significant event, such as the birth of a child. And sometimes they're just given as a way of renewing your special vows to one another.

How do you wear your eternity ring? The eternity ring is typically worn on the third finger of your left hand, the same finger as your wedding ring. It can be worn with the wedding ring alone or with the wedding and engagement rings. In what order you wear them is totally up to you, depending on comfort and aesthetics.

Diamond Rocks offers an excellent selection that includes both full eternity rings - those that have a complete circle of diamonds or gemstones - and half eternity rings - those with stones only on the outer portion of the ring. We also offer eternity platinum rings and your choice of white or yellow gold.

If you have any questions as you make your decision, please let us know. Our trained experts would be delighted to help.

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