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Amazon Puts Up a Rare Diamond Worth Almost a Million USD

15 Sep / 10
Amazon Puts Up a Rare Diamond Worth Almost a Million USD
Itís not wrong to think that Amazon is created for the mass market where you can get great bargains. Although the site originated as an online retailer for books, it has since evolved beyond the bookstore and into the market of selling almost every online product one can imagine. Consumers purchase goods ranging from electronics to furniture, clothing, and even gourmet groceries. However, this internet giant in the world of e-commerce does surprise you once in a while. For example, they had a $3 million natural ruby listed for a few years but it had to be removed as no buyers came forward to purchase the high-priced gem.

Now Amazon is back with a precious stone, probably eager to beat their previous record ($118,000 watch) many times over. 24/7 available online and ready to ship off to its happy owner is an 8 carat heart shaped certified diamond. Carrying the price tag of about £590,000 ($914,045 USD), this flawless heart-shaped diamond is sure to help you win the heart of your loved one. Itís classified as having a good cut, and the highest colour and clarity grades, with a D colour and IF (internally flawless) clarity. Not only do these high grades make it an extremely expensive but also an extremely rare diamond.

For those who can afford it, the diamond can be shipped to you in 2-3 days, fully insured, and in a luxury finished-wood box accompanied by a diamond grading report from GIA and a cleaning and care card.
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