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An Auction House in Paris is set to Auction Napoleonís Engagemen

18 Feb / 13
An Auction House in Paris is set to Auction Napoleonís Engagemen
If you or someone you know is interested in historic estate jewellery from rich and powerful people, then you will be excited to know that an upcoming Paris auction house will be auctioning off the engagement ring that Napoleon Bonaparte gave to his wife.

The engagement ring, which was given to Napoleonís first wife Josephine, will be auctioned off and will be part of the bi-annual sale that will part of the French Empire. It will be taking place at the end of March. Estimates of the ring are now at Ä12,000 but surely as more news spreads about the sale, the pre-sale value of the ring is expected to increase.

The engagement ring is a simple sapphire and diamond ring and was purchased before Napoleon came into power when he was just a young general in the French Army. By the time Josephine met Napoleon, she was already the widow of Alexandre de Beauharnais and had affairs with several prominent French politicians.

Soon after they met, Napoleon proposed to Josephine even though his family didnít approve of the couple getting married. This same auction house has some history with Napoleon and Josephine as they auctioned off his romantic letters that he had sent to Josephine back in 2010 for over $1 million USD. This could prove that the diamond engagement ring will sell for a lot more than predicted.
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