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Angelina Jolie engagement ring

16 Apr / 12
Angelina Jolie engagement ring
It is reported that actor Brad Pitt has had a beautiful bespoken engagement ring crafted by famous jewellery designer Robert Procop. The beautiful baguette cut diamond and emerald cut ring was shown off during the past week by Angelina Jolie. Over the past years Procop has created some very beautiful jewellery pieces for Angelina Jolie and just last year in conjunction with the actress he created a collection of philanthropic jewellery titled “style of Jolie”. The stunning diamond ring that Brad Pitt had a very major part in designing, was with Angelina when she first unveiled the diamond engagement ring during a recent visit to the LA County Museum. Later during the week the designer stated that he did work closely with Pitt to design the star’s vision for the ring and that he used the best selected diamonds for the occasion. As for the overall cost to create the stunning diamond engagement ring it is estimated to be somewhere in the range of $250,000 with the total weight of the center diamond being about six total carats. As for Procop, he has created one of a kind diamond jewellery pieces for former American presidents and actor Ronald Reagan as well as other prominent people throughout his history in the jewellery business.
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