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Apple Obtains Patent for A New Bracelet or Watch

15 Feb / 17
Apple Obtains Patent for A New Bracelet or Watch
Any time there is news from the Apple Inc. design team, the world takes note. After all, many of our very favourite examples of technology were made possible by this company. With the race on to take top rank in the wearables market, Apple is not holding back. They are acting fast, but also taking enough time to listen to the comments, concerns, and wish lists of their customers. Now, they have released the first details about a new wearable that they intend to release in the relatively near future.

The news comes after the company filed for a patent for what is truly a unique take on wearable tech. This may be a watch, but donít expect it to perform as the other smart watches on the market do. The patent was given on the basis that this is new and protection-worthy technology.

So, what makes this bracelet so much different? Why would people consider spending as much as they would on a diamond bracelet in order to own this Apple product? It all comes down to a whole lot of tech stuffed inside the most miniscule object. Each link of this watch, which looks very similar in design to a classic timepiece, will be equipped with the ability to perform pre-defined tasks.

Apples plans arenít entirely clear at this point, and it is possible that the design team hasnít yet fleshed them out, but they have admitted that they can fit enough inside the tiny links to turn them into cameras, electricity generators, speakers, or (of course) health trackers. With each link having such vast capabilities, one can only imagine how much the team can accomplish when putting enough of them together to create a watch.

This may also be a good opportunity for Apple to work in some of the finer elements of jewellery. With a classic watch design, it is possible that consumers could see this wearable set with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, or other such precious stones.

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