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Auction of diamond watches and diamond ear pendants

18 Oct / 11
Auction of diamond watches and diamond ear pendants
If you are looking for a really nice watch for the upcoming fall season then you have to check out this diamond jeweled Piaget Protocole timepiece that dates back to the 80s that will be up for auction. This watch has diamonds covering its 18 carat white gold body along with stunning sapphire gemstones on the face of the watch as well. In total, the watch has 857 round white diamonds that have been restored by Piaget as of this year and it is estimated to reach a price in upwards of $90,000 so be sure to get in early and be prepared to do some major bidding if you plan on leaving with this stunning diamond jewellery timepiece. On the other hand you may want a new fashion styled pair of striking diamond earrings. If that is the case, Christie’s auction house will have you covered this October when they auction off a pair of diamond and coloured diamond ear pendants. These diamond ear pendants are designed with a marquise cut diamond triple tassel that features square cut yellow diamonds and are mounted in 18k yellow gold and white gold. The weight of the diamond ear pendants are approximately 1.01 carats to 1.03 carats and are fancy yellow & natural coloured diamonds. Get in early on these fabulous diamond jewellery pieces because when they are gone, there will not be another set like them.
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