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Choosing a Wedding Ring

13 May / 10
Choosing a Wedding Ring
As you plan your wedding, you'll be making dozens of decisions. Will the ceremony be small or large? Where will it be held? Will you wear a tux? Will her dress have a train? What about the reception? The details can be overwhelming.

We at Diamond Rocks are here to help make one of your most important decisions - your selection of wedding rings - a much easier, much more enjoyable task. After all, the wedding and reception last but a few hours; your rings are meant to last a lifetime.

What's Your Budget?
We know that nearly all couples about to get married are on a budget. So we would advise that before doing any shopping for wedding rings on websites or in stores, consider how much money you have to spend. This way, you can try to get the best value for your money and make important decisions ahead of time such as what type of metal you'll have for the band and whether you'll incorporate diamonds or other gemstones into the setting.

Silver, Gold or Platinum
For centuries, wedding rings have been made of metal because of its strength and durability. Three common types of wedding band metals are silver, gold and platinum.

Silver is sometimes used for wedding bands because it's very malleable and can be worked easily into intricate designs. However, silver is generally very soft and tarnishes easily, making it less desirable for everyday wear.

Gold comes in different colors - white, gold or pink - and different weights - commonly 14-karat, 18-karat or 24-karat - depending on its pure gold content. For both men and women, 18-karat gold, which contains 75% pure gold, is the preferred gold weight for wedding rings because it holds up well to everyday use and wears well through the years. It is more expensive than the others, true, but we at Diamond Rocks believe it's an investment worth making.

The last type of metal for wedding rings is platinum, the hardest, most durable and therefore most expensive of the common jewelry metals. Platinum normally has a very pure 95% metal content and is very white in colour, making it a very contemporary choice for settings with diamonds or other gemstones.

As a measure of our faith in your marriage, Diamond Rocks specializes in premium quality wedding bands of platinum and 18-karat gold in anticipation that they are, like your commitment, destined to last a lifetime as well.

Diamonds or Gemstones
It's recently been very popular to select a wedding band embedded with diamonds or other precious gemstones. This is true for women as well as men. At Diamond Rocks, you'll find a number of attractive options. Of course if you consider adding diamonds, you'll want to consider the 4 C's of diamond quality - cut, carat, clarity and colour - to maximize your dollar-for-dollar value. Suitable diamond shapes for wedding bands include round, princess and baguette cuts. Special considerations, however, must be given to the woman's wedding band.

Her Ring
Right off the mark, one of the first considerations for her wedding band is whether it should match the engagement ring. Generally the woman wears both rings together, so it's important that they at least coordinate with one another. Perhaps the engagement ring has an elaborate multi-diamond setting. Perhaps it is set with other gemstones. Perhaps it has an elaborate setting in gold or platinum. Setting, gemstones and style - all these things must be considered.

To make things easier, Diamond Rocks offers engagement and wedding rings as a set in which case they nestle perfectly with one another. We can also help you create your own setting, if desired. So easy and convenient! But in the event you purchase the rings separately, you'll want the rings to sit comfortably with one another and look good together.

His Ring
Through years of experience, Diamond Rocks has learned that the man's wedding ring is a little easier to select than the woman's, but there are still a number of considerations. Of utmost importance to many men is comfort; they want a ring they can comfortably wear every day, whether they're working a manual labor job with their hands or wearing a suit and tie in the business district. Lifestyle is an important consideration, especially how it relates to a man's work. Men with labor intensive jobs might want to consider an extremely sturdy metal like platinum or 18-karat gold.

Next to lifestyle is fit when considering men's wedding rings. Not just the ring size, but the width of the ring, which is typically 2mm to 5mm wide. Anything wider or more narrow should be carefully considered. Also related to fit is shape. There are three traditional shapes of wedding rings. These are the D shape, which is flat on the inside and round on the outside; the court shape, which is rounded on both the inside and outside; and the flat court shape, which is rounded on the inside and flat on the outside.

Style Matters
When selecting a wedding ring, size matters, shape matters and so does style. Consider your everyday style when choosing your band. Is it modern? Traditional? Romantic? Unconventional? Wedding bands can range from classic and traditional to funky and cutting-edge. Make sure the style you select will endure for years to come through changing times and fashion fads. Traditional or classic styles are always a smart choice. They are also one of our specialties here at Diamond Rocks.

Make it Yours
Just a few words about your rings and making them uniquely your own. It is quite popular in Europe and increasingly popular in the United States to have something engraved on the inner band of your rings. Think about something meaningful to the two of you, your wedding date perhaps or a line from your wedding vows or maybe even a personalized message like "I love you." Our artisans here at Diamond Rocks would be happy to engrave any message that makes your wedding rings more special.

Finally, with a little planning from you and a little help from us, you and your spouse-to-be will have great success in choosing the wedding rings of your dreams, those that are just right for you, those that are uniquely your own. And always remember, Diamond Rocks is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your wedding ring or diamond purchases at any step of the process.
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