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Could the Right Diamond Jewellery Dress Up Your Swimsuit?

29 Mar / 17
Could the Right Diamond Jewellery Dress Up Your Swimsuit?
After a day of swimming and suntanning by the pool, your friends may just want to take the party to the pub. So, how do you make the transition without a complete change of wardrobe? Many of the top fashion experts are now promoting the idea of dressing up the classic bathing suit to make it appropriate for fun away from the water.

If you keep the right accessories in your bag or car, you can make the switch from poolside to pub party on a momentís notice. Consider these great looks:

Dressed to Impress If you're wearing a one piece with an attractive neckline, it can be quite easy to dress it up with a pastel blazer, diamond drop earrings, and a lightweight scarf. No one will even suspect that you have your suit on still.

From Bikini to Bombshell A bikini can make things a bit trickier, but if you love the pattern of your suit and don't really want to hide it beneath a blouse, then consider a tube skirt pulled high to show just a peak of midriff, or a strapless dress that will let that touch of bikini strap show above. Pair this look with colour-coordinated gemstone earrings and bangle bracelet to achieve a very sexy look.

Never Cover the Plunging Neckline If your suit features a plunging neckline, don't even think about covering it up. Pair it with a pencil skirt, strappy heel, and a diamond tennis bracelet. The look will most definitely be appropriate for an evening of fun, and it'll likely turn more than a few heads.

Open Back Day and Night Like the low cut swimsuit, you don't want to cover up the best feature of your suit. Showing a bit of skin, especially when golden brown after a day by the pool, can't hurt. Pair the suit mini skirt, necklace with pendant, and layered rings, and you will look great from every angle.

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