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Cullinan Diamond Necklace Unveiled at Washington Museum

29 Sep / 10
Cullinan Diamond Necklace Unveiled at Washington Museum
The latest addition to the National Gem Collection, the Cullinan Diamond Necklace, was unveiled on Monday September 27th at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. The famous 1910 silver necklace features more than 200 diamonds, including nine extremely rare blue diamonds, and can boast a history as rich as its famous neighbour, the Hope Diamond.

Carefully scheduled to coincide with the National Museum of Natural Historyís 100th anniversary, the blue diamond necklace was donated to the museum by an anonymous California donor, and is set to become part of the museumís permanent collection.

The Cullinan Diamond Necklace features a unique design, which allows it to be worn as both brooch and necklace, and is a perfect example of exquisite Edwardian craftsmanship. The stunning necklace has an elaborate bow motif, with 251 diamonds curving into the loops and then the ribbon-shaped arms. The centrepiece stone is a large 2.6 carat "fancy blue" diamond with a chain of smaller blue and white diamond pieces.

Jeffrey Post, the curator of the National Gem Collection says, "This is typical of the Edwardian time period where jewellery had bows and a lacy appearance. The necklace was made around 1910, and if it weren't for the Hope Diamond, this would rank as one of the greatest gifts the museum has received. But the piece has a great history because of Cullinan. People get a little bit jaded here, with the Hope Diamond so close by, but there's nowhere else in the world you can go to see two such diamonds together."

The Cullinan Diamond Necklace is on exhibit near the National Gem Collection's other prized jewels, placed in a specially designed display case and guarded by three security guards in the Harry Winston Gallery.
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