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Date has been set for Antwerp Diamond trade fair

08 Sep / 11
Date has been set for Antwerp Diamond trade fair
For those who are interested in the upcoming Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair, dates have been set for the event. January 29th through January 31st 2012 will be the dates for this spectacular trade show. This will be an invitation only event that will be host to many diamond jewellery manufactures and vendors throughout the world. If you or someone you might know is interested in attending the event then you may want to begin to send in your application as soon as possible. Even though you send in your request early, it will not secure you a spot at the event. The Antwerp diamond trade fair scheduled daily events will proceed as follows. Sunday January 29th from 10am-6pm will be an exhibition event for all in attendance. There will also be a VIP lounge along with restaurants available for privileged guests. Later that evening there will be a Limousine transfer to the Gala evening event. On the Monday the 30th from 10am-6pm the will be another exhibition along with VIP lounges and restaurants for those attending. Later that evening there will be a reception by the Mayor of Antwerp followed by free time or dinner at select restaurants throughout Antwerp. The last day of the event, Tuesday January 31st 2012, an exhibition along with VIP lounge and restaurants will be from 10am-4pm.
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