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Diamond Ring finder sues owner for reward

09 Jan / 13
Diamond Ring finder sues owner for reward
Well it seems that the old saying ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ may ring true with this bizarre case of a lost 2 carat yellow diamond ring. A woman who recently went to a tanning salon was arrested on charges of theft after she found a diamond ring that was worth well over $20,000. This odd tale begins a few weeks back when Bonnie Land reportedly found a huge diamond ring while she was at a local tanning salon shop. She said that she had placed the ring inside of her coat planning on giving it back to the receptionist before she left but had forgotten to do so.

A few weeks went by when she noticed that there was a reward posted describing the same lost diamond ring that she had found so she made arrangements with the owner to return the diamond ring to her and possibly collect the reward. When she met with the original owner of the diamond ring there were police officers there that wanted to question her about how she came about getting the ring.

After a brief discussion with them they decided to arrest Land whom with suspicion about how she came about the ring. Later the charges were dropped because the ring was returned, however this is where the story gets interesting. Now Land is suing Melisa Boucek for the amount of the reward posted plus punitive damages. This one ought to be interesting so stay tuned for further updates. In the meantime make sure and check out our fabulous collection of coloured diamonds.
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