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Diamond studded peacock broach by Gustave Baugrand stuns collect

19 Sep / 11
Diamond studded peacock broach by Gustave Baugrand stuns collect
On September 21 in London a very rare peacock broach that was created by the French jeweller Gustave Baugrand will be on display for all to let at. This one of kind diamond and gem studded peacock whose body is made up of circular cut sapphires while the open fan of the peacock consist of rose cut and cushion shaped plumes that are all highlighted by a square cut emerald eye and circular cut ruby which is balanced on a pearl. This beautiful stand-alone peacock will surely draw a lot of attention because of the rarity of the jewels that Gustave Baugrand brings to the table which makes the jewels really popular with collectors. The diamond and gem studded peacock is estimated to bring in a purse of £10,000 to £15,000, but many collectors feel that it will bring in a lot more due to its unique beauty. Not only will there be pieces from the famous Gustave Baugrand for sale on the September 21, but there will also be pieces from other famous jewellery designers there as well. Diamond jewellery designer Lucien Falize will have the “little masterpieces” collection up for sale as well as others, so be sure to check out this fine event if you are in the London area that evening.
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