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Diamond-encrusted Snoopy Statuette

12 Aug / 10
Diamond-encrusted Snoopy Statuette
Probably, as long as you can remember Snoopy has been a much loved comic character. Now he has reached an important milestone as he turns 60 this year. Can you possibly imagine playing with the popular public mind for 60 years and still going strong? So to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the classic cartoon character the fine jewellery brand from Hong Kong, TSL, has made a 207-carat Diamond Snoopy statuette. If only Charles M. Schulz, Snoopy’s creator, knew that his fictional character would not only survive but flourish over sixty years!

Also known as “The Ever-Shining Star” the Diamond Snoopy is 5.5 inch tall, featuring 207 carats of gems, with a total of 9,917 diamonds, 783 black diamonds, and 415 rubies that have all undergone a meticulous selection process (to ensure matching colour, clarity, cut, and size) as well as a strict stone setting procedure to ensure optimal symmetry and shine. TSL’s skilled jewellery designers took eight months to complete the sparkling statuette.

The Diamond Snoopy has been touring around China, carrying a price tag of HK 2.8 million (approx. $425,000 USD).
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