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Fabergé Unveils its First Collection of Egg Pendants

13 Jul / 11
Fabergé Unveils its First Collection of Egg Pendants
The legendary Fabergé brand has recently rolled out a collection of high jewellery Egg Pendants to pay tribute to the famed Imperial Eggs crafted by Peter Carl Fabergé for the Romanov family.

After almost a century, the iconic Fabergé egg is rolling back onto the fashion scene to once more remind everyone of the history and splendours of the Romanov Tsars. As if coinciding with Paris Couture Week July 2011 on purpose, the launch of this collection is actually the first time the company appears in the market with egg-themed creations since 1917. Being a universal symbol of life, the egg is essentially a natural shape that will never go out of fashion.

The new collection called 'Les Fameux de Fabergé'', comprises twelve one-of-a-kind diamond pendants. With price tags ranging from $100,000 to $600,000, each piece depicts a traditional Russian proverb, through intricate visual implications.

Chairman of Faberge's parent company, Pallinghurst Resources, Brian Gilbertson said ''The egg pendants are a defining moment in Fabergé’s development and mark a major step in its renaissance. ''Since Fabergé was re-launched nearly two years ago in conjunction with the Fabergé family, the company has introduced four new collections and opened its first salon in Geneva. Following the unveiling of the first egg pendants, Fabergé’s quintessence is back. Fabergé is an outstanding example of a once neglected resource, which, given a vision, devotion and funding, is once again destined for greatness.'
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