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Fancy blue diamond ring fetches high dollar amount

25 Apr / 12
Fancy blue diamond ring fetches high dollar amount
The Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels sale that was held this about one week ago saw a beautiful fancy blue diamond ring from Tiffany’s sell for an amazing $2.4 million. As for the Magnificent Jewels auction held by Sotheby’s they were able to achieve over $43 million in sales by lot which set a record for a diamond jewellery spring sale that was held by Sotheby’s in New York. The pictured fancy blue diamond was the star of the show and it was estimated to only get about $500,000 but the bidding was so competitive for the piece it was able to reach almost a 400 percent increase about the estimated amount. The stunning 3.5 carat marquise shaped fancy blue diamond was set in a platinum mount and had single cut diamonds around the blue diamond itself. The ring also displayed the signature “T” for Tiffany and was able to receive such a high final bid amount even though there was two diamonds missing. There were some other fantastic pieces that were auctioned during the sale that deserve to mention as well. There was a fancy vivid yellow coloured cushion shaped diamond ring that when for $1.87 million which was slightly under the estimated $2 million.
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