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Jennifer Lopez Wears Stunning Diamond Jewellery at 2013 Grammys

17 Feb / 13
Jennifer Lopez Wears Stunning Diamond Jewellery at 2013 Grammys
Jennifer Lopez hit the 2013 Grammy Awards wearing one of the most talked about outfits at the event, but she also had on some stunning pieces of diamond jewellery worth an amazing $5 million USD. While most people were only able to notice that Lopez was showing off her long leg all night wearing a dress that was designed by Anthony Vaccarello, she also was wearing some stunning pieces of Norman Silver brand diamond jewellery. There was several hand crafted pieces that she was wearing, but one that caught the attention of a lot of people and cameras as well was a stunning 33 carat canary diamond bracelet.

Not only was J-Lo bearing some skin and a really nice diamond bracelet, she was also wearing a couple of really nice diamond rings on her ring finger and pinky finger as well. She also went all out on the manicure as she was wearing a flashy, bright gold embellished finger nails that looked absolutely great on her hands. Not to leave her ear lobes feeling lonely she had on a pair of striking 10 carat diamond stud earrings. With all the diamond jewellery that all the stars were wearing for the Grammys, everyone in Hollywood is buzzing with excitement for the upcoming Oscars that are about to take place. Surely J-Lo and other Hollywood actresses will let it all hang out and add some serious diamond shine for their walk on the red carpet.
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