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Judith Leiber Creates Beautiful Minaudieres

30 Nov / 12
Judith Leiber Creates Beautiful Minaudieres
Judith Leiber has created a beautiful minaudiere. The unique design of her minaudieres is popular with collectors. A few years ago she created a minaudiere called the Cherish minaudiere and it was lovely as well. The newest minaudiere created by Leiber is stunning as well.

The latest minaudiere celebrates this holiday season. It is called the Gift Package Minaudiere. It is stylish enough to make anyone want to own it. The minaudiere is made of crystal that looks absolutely gorgeous. It is shaped like a gift package and is dripping with rows and rows of crystal. It is topped off with a decorative crystal bow. You know that person you know who is difficult to buy for? He or she has loads of diamond jewellery, designer clothes and shoes? This would make a great gift for that person. The price of this present is $4695.

Of course, diamond jewellery always makes a great gift and you could just find something new and unique for that hard to shop for person on your list. If you spend time really searching for some new and unique diamond jewellery you are sure to find something that will stand apart from everything else.
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