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Leighton Denny Offers Diamond-embellished Manicure Worth £20,500

22 Sep / 10
World's Most Expensive Manicure
Real luxury is something lots of people try to pursue worldwide, however, for the most people it remains a dream throughout the life. There are of course a bunch of very rich people, spoiled by their wealth, who can get basically anything that would tickle their fancy, and it’s these people who tend to surprise the mere mortals once in a while by purchasing some knick-knackery at sky-high costs.

Well, getting the Spa treatment or professional manicure is quite affordable today, and millions of people are getting such treatments on a regular basis, however, luxury lovers couldn’t help making a difference in this field as well. Owner of his original nail boutique at the Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon on the 5th floor of Harrods, London, Leighton Denny, offers now his Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby Encapsulisation manicure, being the world’s most expensive manicure.

OK, how much are you ready to lay out for a manicure? Have you ever balked at the incredibly inflated manicure prices at luxury spas and resorts? Well, nothing can compare to the whopping price tag carried by Denny’s posh nail treatment. It costs a jaw-dropping £20,500 ($32,000 USD). So what do you get for £20,500? Well, it must be more than the standard buff and shine, that’s for sure. In fact, Denny’s unparalleled luxury manicure leaves your nails encrusted with 9 carats of diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

As expensive as this gemstone embellished manicure is, when Leighton Denny came up with such an offer back in 2005, he had a waiting list of 175 people.

So, do you feel like splashing out on the world’s most expensive manicure? Welcome to Danny’s nail boutique at the Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon.
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