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More People Questioning the Healing Powers of Gemstones

15 Feb / 17
More People Questioning the Healing Powers of Gemstones
Perhaps it is a result of the increased popularity of the multi-coloured gemstones these days. Maybe it is simply people looking for a source of happiness and peace in a difficult time. Or, maybe it is a wide-spread interest in the ways of old. Whatever the reason, there has been a lot of talk about the potential of gemstones in recent months. This renewed interest in the possibilities contained with brilliant gems has led to many articles being written, many conversations being had, and a surge in the number of believers.

For eons, there have been people and even entire cultures who have placed a non-monetary value on emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and other such stones. The followers of these beliefs are not wearing gemstone rings and necklaces for the beauty alone. They are hoping to unleash the potential contained within the stones.

In the past, long before doctors had to complete many years of schooling and residency before they could prescribe medical treatments, there were healers. These healers relied on many different materials in their efforts to ease the suffering of the ill, to bring them back to health. Included in their medical bags, one would likely have found crystals of varying types. Each was thought to have a particular part to play in the healing process. Centuries later, reiki healers continue to place gemstones, strategically, on various parts of the body in an effort to end pain, bring peace, or encourage mental health.

There are gemstones that are said to bring balance to one’s life. There are gemstones that are thought to give a boost of energy. Others are said to have the capability of removing sources of evil from the body. A select few can ease worry and heal an ill mind, according to certain cultures.

More and more people are picking up books, looking up articles, and having conversations on the healing powers of gemstones. We do believe that the right gemstones jewellery piece can bring happiness, positivity, and peace to the recipient.

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