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Natural Pearls Shine beside Diamonds at Auction

20 Apr / 12
Natural Pearls Shine beside Diamonds at Auction
Huguette Clark’s estate got a lot of attention at the recent Magnificent Jewels auction at Christies, but of the more than 300 lots, there were some other diamonds, pearls, and other gemstones that were of import. The auction was standing room only with those in the room competing against buyers from the phones and internet from around the world. The environment was highly competitive and many lots drew some excited bidding. The total of the sale was nearly $71 million. Besides large diamonds doing well, sapphires were popular as well. Natural pearls also had some sales which were extremely strong as they were poised for a return to popularity in the international luxury jewelry market. Pearls were popular at this auction. One of the hits of the auction was a five-strand natural pearl necklace (pictured) which sold for over $1.5 million. It actually took in double its estimate of $800,000. Another natural pearl necklace from the Huguette Clark estate was estimated to sell for $20-$30,000, but it actually sold for quite a bit more: $362,000! There was another natural pearl necklace estimated to fetch $20-$30,000 but it sold for $266,500. It seems there were some buyers in love with pearls at this auction.
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