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Prince William and Catherine Immortalized in Wax

22 Apr / 12
Prince William and Catherine Immortalized in Wax
Most people probably recognize the now iconic photo of Prince William and Catherine on their engagement announcement. The couple appeared to be beaming with happiness when they made the announcement of their engagement back in the end of 2010. Now this moment has been immortalized forever in wax. Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge were made into some extremely realistic wax figures for Madame Tussaudís Wax Museum on London, England. The official engagement took place at St. James Palace in November of 2010. There have been some really great wax figures over the years, and there have been some really terrible wax figures. The figures of the Prince and Duchess have turned out to be two of the most realistic and true to life looking figures ever. On Wednesday, April 4, Madame Tussaudís Wax museum unveiled figures of the Prince and Duchess in New York, Amsterdam, and London. The museums have different versions of the couple. The London Museum has the version of the couple in their official engagement announcement where Kate is wearing the blue dress and the sapphire and diamond engagement ring is clearly seen. It has been nearly a year since the couple married.
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