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Rio Tinto's Argyle Pink Diamond Tiara at Masterpiece London

25 Jun / 10
The magnificent heart-shaped 2.61 carat ring
Rio Tinto’s rare Pink Diamond Tiara, featuring 178 Argyle pink diamonds, made a sparkling debut at the Masterpieces London Fair, a unique showcase of some of the world’s most desirable luxury items.

Designed by British jeweller Asprey, the unique argyle pink diamond tiara is going to be on display from June 24-29 at the Masterpieces London Fair, along with other rare diamond jewellery from Rio Tinto's Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia.

Masterpiece London is an innovative fair offering the ultimate in elegance, luxury and quality. It is a new event designed to present the world’s leading dealers who will showcase hundreds of millions of pounds worth of fine art, antiques, vintage wine, jewellery, classic cars and contemporary collectors’ items, many of which will be purchased by museums and private collections.

Apart from the one-of-a-kind diamond tiara, Asprey is showcasing a 50 carat yellow diamond, named the Golden Sun, and magnificent heart-shaped 2.61 carat ring.

"The Argyle Pink Diamond Tiara is a reflection of the importance of exclusive design and quality craftsmanship when transforming these rare and precious diamonds into important pieces of jewellery," said Argyle Pink Diamonds Business Manager Josephine Archer.

Authorised partner of Argyle pink diamonds, John Glajz, said: “The Argyle Pink Diamond Tiara combines the mystique and romance of a bygone era with the design of a contemporary treasure," said. "This is truly a unique piece that showcases beautifully the colours, sizes and shapes of rare pink diamonds from the Argyle mine.”

Almost all the world’s pink diamonds are produced at Rio Tinto’s diamond mine in remote Western Australia.
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