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Teen Discovers 7.44 Carat Diamond

29 Mar / 17
Teen Discovers 7.44 Carat Diamond
If you want to impress your fourteen year old friends, one of the best ways to do so is to be at the centre of international news coverage. It is likely that the boy who plays lead in this story wasnít intended to do that, but he accomplished it nonetheless. His face and name were splashed in many a news story after he managed to discover something that millions of prospectors around the world would love to get their hands on.

He was at a State Park thatís claim to fame is that it allows visitors to do some prospecting during their stay. It is a known source of diamonds, but the miners are not professionals and they are not the same from day-to-day. Those fortunate enough to visit the Crater of Diamonds Park in Arkansas, USA, have the opportunity to try their hands at diamond prospecting. That is just what this teen was doing, except that he proved to be one of the luckiest.

To find a diamond weighing half a carat at this park would be a triumph for most visitors. It would be something to take as a souvenir. If it were of decent quality, it may even be a candidate for cutting and polishing. However, if you are to impress those 14 year old friends, you are going to have to find something even larger. A 7.44 carat diamond should do it.

The teen spotted the gem and it was quickly realized how great his treasure was. He had only been at the park for half an hour when he discovered the stone beside a stream. The discovery team at the park were very happy to report that the diamond was one of the largest ever found there. He took his bounty with him when he left the park. The value hadnít yet been determined, but it was said that the stone could be worth thousands of pounds. While many teens would be happy to collect on that sort of pay day, this young man took the stone with him instead. He named it the Superman diamond and showed no interest in selling.

If you want a diamond of your own, but canít make the trek to the US-based park just yet, then consider buying a gift just for you from Diamond Rocks!

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