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The 'Secret' Miranda Kerr $2.5M Diamond bra

14 Oct / 11
The 'Secret' Miranda Kerr $2.5M Diamond bra
Once again Victoria’s Secret is unveiling their iconic Treasure Bra collection and have chosen Mrs. Orlando Bloom, or as others know her best, supermodel Miranda Kerr. In the upcoming Christmas Dreams & Fantasies catalogue and in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in November, the stunning supermodel will be adorned in a gorgeous $2.5 million dollar diamond studded bra. This art piece diamond studded bra is definitely something to be talked about and stared at. Kerr has said that she is honoured to be chosen to wear the bra. The diamond studded brassiere was fashioned by Long Island’s London Jewellers and is set with over 3,000 valuable jewels. Of these gemstones, 142 carats of yellow and white diamonds are showcased in an 18K white and yellow gold setting. The foundation of the bra displays two white diamonds, each being more than 8 carats in total weight plus two yellow diamonds weighing over 14 carats. This will be the first time that Miranda will be back on the catwalk when she displays this stunning $2.5 million dollar diamond studded bra on her chest. No doubt she will be very excited to be wearing the Fantasy Treasure Bra, when asked she said, “I feel like more than $1 million” she laughs, “I feel like $2.5 million.” Do you think she will wear any diamond jewellery to accompany her diamond bra?
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