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The History and Mystery of the Chaiyo Ruby

27 Jun / 15
The History and Mystery of the Chaiyo Ruby
Throughout history, people have been intrigued by gemstones and diamonds. Of the most interest are those that are particular large and of a fine quality. As such, the history of these particular stones is often well documented. Yet, that historianís approach to tracking the path that gemstones takes during its lifetime does not account for every gem. Some of the largest, even, have mysterious pasts, which leave people doubting their true nature.

Is it possible that a gemstone could stump an entire industry? If one uses the example of the Chaiyo Ruby, it would appear that a single stone could absolutely do just that.

Make no mistake; This is not a stone that is easily ignored or overlooked. Arguably the largest ruby in the world, this point is only under contention because there are some who believe that the gem must be a fake. Certainly, the majority of people would like this to be the real deal. At 109,000 carats, it would weigh approximately three and a half stones, as much as the average seven- or eight year old child.

Despite several claims, there has been no evidence to suggest that this is a manufacturer stone, which leaves one to believe that it must have been pulled from the Earth. Experts believe that, if it was, it must have come from Africa, yet the stone, which is appraised at approximately £320 million, was once claimed to have been purchased from the Thai-Burmese border. Still other stories place it in the Grand Hyatt Erawan, and name it as the object of a grand theft that was covered up as a result of military involvement.

Though we cannot know for sure, the most recent reports suggest that it is privately owned and held in a safety deposit box in Laos. One cannot help but think that the intrigue has added to the value of this stone

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