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The Queen Kalahari Cut and Set into Jewellery Suite

19 Mar / 17
The Queen Kalahari Cut and Set into Jewellery Suite
The Queen Kalahari is one of a small number of diamonds that carried a weight of more than three hundred carats in its raw form. In addition to its massive size, the stone showed a great deal of promise in the other two measures – colour and clarity. It lacked only one thing to be an absolutely perfect stone – a great cut.

The Queen Kalahari was discovered in the Karowe mine, located in Botswana. The Lucara Diamond Corporation announced the discovery in its mine in the spring of 2015. It was reported to be a Type IIa diamond with a D colour rating. As one might imagine, interest in the raw diamond was swift, and it was not long before it was announced that the diamond has been purchased by a Swiss-based jeweller, but nothing more was disclosed. We are still unable to find any details about the price paid for the large diamond.

What we know, though, is that the diamond has been cut and the resulting stones have been set in a beautiful jewellery set. After cutting, there were two diamonds of impressive size that resulted. Each is said to have a weight of approximately 80 carats. These, and the 21 smaller stones that resulted have been set in a jewellery suite that is said to be composed of six sparkling pieces. The set features a watch, a necklace with three shimmering pendants, two pairs of drop earrings and a gorgeous diamond cocktail ring containing on of the six stones that carried weights of more than twenty carats.

According to the reports that have been released since the jewellery set was announced, the entire project of cutting, polishing, designing and setting took more than three thousand hours of work. This process is to be highlighted in the 55-minute documentary film on the Queen Kalahari diamond.

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